Danish landscape

Farm properties as a basis of measures

All farms are different so first the basic information is needed to find the most useful, effective and practical measures. Basic information includes e.g. location of a farm, description of fields and production.

Nice agricultural landscape

Measures on the field

The most important way to reduce the risk of nutrient leaching from the field is to pay close attention to the basic farming methods.

Flooding in the autumn.

Cultivation in steep or flooding fields

Slope steepness and soil texture have a great effect on the erosion and surface run-off risk of a field. On the other hand, in flat areas flooding can be a problem.


Outside the fields

The primary goal is to keep nutrients in the soil, where plants can utilise them. Even when everything is done well, there is always a certain amount of nutrient leaching into ditches. However, it is possible to trap at least a part of these nutrients before they enter larger watercourses.

Grazing pigs

Animal husbandry

Manure is a valuable source of plant nutrients. It should be managed properly so that nutrients are not lost to air or water. Manure also contains much organic matter, which is good for soil structure.